The tenants in our Unipads properties are experiencing very testing times and we have been most impressed so far with the resilience that is being shown by them.


It cannot be a lot of fun being stuck indoors and almost every couple of days my Unipads colleagues are hearing about another house where someone has tested positive and so they have to isolate for a certain period. That then affects the rest of the house as well.


Not much fun !! but there is no choice other than to accept things as they are and make the most of it. If you have to be stuck in at home then a Unipads house is the best place to be.


When we created Unipads, it was at a time when student housing was generally not very inviting and we decided then to do our little bit to improve standards generally.


To give you an idea:


1. Landlords did not provide lounge TV’s. We at Unipads were one of the first landlords to do this. I remember the first TV we supplied was a 14” box TV which sat on a stool in the lounge with an indoor aerial attached. The tenants were so grateful.


2.Washing machines were not provided and if they were then the tenant was responsible for the maintenance costs if the unit broke down or didn’t work. Unipads houses were amongst the first to include these in the rent and were also responsible if they broke down.


3. Landlords did not provide tumble dryers or dishwashers – Unipads houses were amongst the first to include these.


4. Not every house had double glazing in those days. Whenever we purchased a new Unipads property that was always the first thing that was corrected.


5. Smoke detectors were not installed in houses. This is an absolute must, so again, whenever we bought a new Unipads house, one of the first jobs was to install mains-wired detectors.


All this was over 20 years ago but how things have changed !!


Our mission at Unipads is to provide the very best possible accommodation for students in Birmingham and we think we are doing a pretty good job !!



What happens if things go wrong? Unipads have the answers.


More often than not, when prospective student tenants from the University of Birmingham are looking for a house in Selly Oak for the next year, they do not really think about problems that might occur in the house.



What happens if the shower stops working or if a radiator starts to leak ?


We, at Unipads, are aware of the importance of providing a speedy response to this type of problem and we are very proud of our record on this subject. Our trusted maintenance team are usually in the Selly Oak student area and deal with most issues within 24 hours.


Our suggestion to you when viewing a property is "speak to the current tenants". They will tell you about our record on the subject. Hopefully there won't have been any problems, but if there have been any, we like to think that the issue was corrected swiftly.


This should give you the confidence to know that a Unipads house is a safe house and that everything works properly.


Wow !! Where did the past year go ?


It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since we were showing prospective tenants around our Selly Oak properties last year.


The world of student accommodation doesn’t stand still nor do we at Unipads. 


In the past year we have completed our magnificent development at Elliott Apartments. 


In the same way as an old pub on Coronation Road was turned into 6 beautiful student homes (Elliott Villas) just a couple of years ago, so an old tyre replacement garage has been turned into our state of the art Elliott Apartments on Selly Hill Road. 8 superb apartments, all with ensuite facilities, each one designed to offer the ultimate in student accommodation. 


Elsewhere, during this summer we are refurbishing no fewer than 5 of our houses in Selly Oak, ranging from ground floor improvements at 175 Hubert Road and 6 Rose Cottages through to a total re-design at 282 Hubert Road converting a tired, old style house into a 6 bedroom house with all en-suite bathrooms.


Check out the details on our Unipads website. 


You won’t be disappointed.



This has been the theme suggested by Birmingham University on the subject of student housing in Selly Oak every year that we can remember. For those students looking for accommodation for next year they tell you not to rush, indeed in many cases they say "leave it until the New Year".


One short story tells the tale of one girl who adhered to Birmingham University's advice not to rush when she was looking for a student house in Selly Oak.



A couple of years ago, on the first day back at Uni in January she went into one of the local estate agents and all she wanted was a 5 bed house but the minimum criteria was that the house had to have 2 bathrooms.



When I saw her she was sitting there in tears having been told that all the 5 bed 2 bathroom houses had gone before Christmas. I asked her why she had left it so late to look and she told me the housing department at the University had told her so.



The bottom line is this: if you are looking for student accommodation in Selly Oak for next year follow the 3 point plan.



1. discuss with your friends how many people you want to live with.

2. set your upper budget for price.

3. check out our Unipads website for houses of your chosen size and price and select up to a maximum of 5 to view.



We will then show you our superb houses, all in Selly Oak, and you can select the one that you like the best.

You do not have to take our word for it but please believe us when we tell you that THE BEST HOUSES ALWAYS GO FIRST".



Thinking about student accommodation in Selly Oak ? Think UNIPADS 



We are already receiving enquiries for the 2020-21 year...our properties will be released in the next few weeks so please keep checking the website! If you can't wait that long feel free to drop us an email or call the Unipads Team!